About Us


Everyone at Waahelay is driven with passion to deliver a quality experience to our users and business users


Passion produces results and going the extra mile is natural to us


Customer satisfaction is paramount to us so we guarantee a commitment of service to you


Whether you pick up the phone or drop us an email, we will always help you the best we can

The challenge

How do you connect consumers that are looking for Somali products or services to Somali businesses anywhere in the World? How do you connect instantly a user-product-service-business? Advancement in our lives are achieved in different ways. Technological innovation sometimes allows us to join the dots between a problem and a solution. Waahelay was born out of the desire to marry technology with Somali trade and subsequently answer the above questions. Word of mouth is great, but research suggested that significant trade is lost by using this method alone. Waahelay recognised a gap between traditional methods of Somali trade and effective modern trading, yet Waahelay is not about replacing the old with the new. It is more about enhancing and tapping into new revenue streams for business clients and therefore creating additional incomes.


The founders

The Waahelay story begins when founder Mohammed Ibrahim identified the need for a more effective way to connect Somali consumers with business. He recognised that although a business directory with general listings might suffice, it could be a whole lot more and connect Somali business with consumers in a more effective and engaging way.

Times have changed in Somalia and for young Somalis living inside and born outside the answer revealed itself in the most common device we own – the smartphone. The concept of creating a Somali niche product that could not only connect globally consumers with Somali business but could also direct them straight to a service locally was born.

In 2018 he met with Frederick Watson, an IT entrepreneur, and they began working together to map out and move from an idea to a viable business. The company was formed in Jan 2019 and their product went to market as an MVP in May 2019. Since, Waahelay has seen sustained growth and interest from Somali users and businesses across the globe. They continually strive to improve their products and to reach out around the World adding value to the lives of Somalis. Today they can boast of a feature-rich product that allows business users to display their products not just as a single line listing but as beautiful online store, detailed analytics to view their ROI, and various other ways to promote their services and products.  They have an interest shown from over 35 countries.


Mohammed Ibrahim

Frederick Watson