Frequently Asked Questions

  • Affiliates
  • Are affiliates employed by the company?

    No, affiliates are not employed by the company and act independent to Waahelay

  • Can I work when I want?

    As an affiliate you are your boss. You can work when you like.

  • How do I apply to be an affiliate with Waahelay?

    You can apply to become an affiliate with Waahelay using the online form. Click here. 

  • How do I receive sales commission?

    Sales commission is earnt over a calendar month. Payments are made the month after by BACS or SWIFT transfer into your bank account. We can also arrange payments through Dahabshiil.

  • How much time do I need to give as an affiliate?

    How much time you spend is up to you, but you should allow yourself sufficient time to follow the short course, understand the product and go and visit your new prospects.

  • Is online or face to face selling more effective?

    In the case of selling Waahelay subscriptions, we have found that face to face contact is significantly more effective. Visits to your prospects are more likely to generate sales.

  • Is there a joining fee to join the affiliate scheme?

    There are no fees to join the scheme.

  • What is the Waahelay Affiliate Scheme?

    Waahelay operates a global affiliate scheme for individuals who wish to earn sales commission selling our subscriptions to Somali business. More details on the scheme can be found here. Click here.

  • Where can I learn more about the scheme?

    Read the page click here or you can also write to and our affiliate support team will reply to your more specific questions. There are some more general articles that have been written in our blog section article_1   article_2

  • General
  • As a Somali business owner how does Waahelay help me increase sales?

    Waahelay showcases your business to a niche worldwide Somali audience. Niche directories are smaller than general directories but the CTR and subsequent sales are usually higher due to a more significant consumer/business relevance.

  • Does Waahelay operate in Somalia?

    Waahelay operates in Somalia the same as with other countries. will bring you to our site Our business users in Somalia are able to list with us and pay for a subscription using Dahabshiil.

  • How will I know if my sales are driven through

    When you create an account with us you have access to a dashboard where you will see when someone has viewed or made contact through your listing. The data is also shown in summary.

  • My question wasn’t answered here. What next?

    The Waahelay Support team is always happy to help with questions. You can reach us through our contact form or by emailing

  • What is Waahelay?

    Waahelay is a powerful search engine that allows users around the globe to connect with Somali business owners and service providers from their location using their devices. They can do this either locally or globally. More details at the end of this link.

  • Where can I receive news about Waahelay?

    Waahelay is subscribed to most social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube which we regularly update. You can also sign up to our monthly newsletter Waahelay World. You will find the quick sign up under the News section in the right column.

  • Where is Waahelay located?

    Waahelay Ltd headquarters in London, UK and is a registered company under English law. It operates as a global enterprise with interest from over 35 countries.

  • Who can see my business?

    Your business will be shown to users that search using criteria that is specific to their request. For example, users can widen or narrow their search to specific locations or remain default global.

  • Troubleshooting
  • I can’t see my listing but see a Not Found 404 message on my page

    This is usually due to one of two reasons: either you need to pay the subscription fee or the subscription period has expired and your account is not set to auto renew. You should have received emails with links to activate or renew your account.

    Please contact if you need help.

  • I tried to register as a user but I can't login

    If you registered using the “sign in” screen you should have received an email with your username and password. You should be able to login immediately with this information. Check your spam folder if you cannot see it in your inbox.

    You can also use single sign on with your Facebook or Google account.

    If you need any help please get in touch at

  • I want to change the information I have published but I don’t know how

    You can modify or delete elements of your listing anytime yourself by logging into your dashboard. Waahelay Support can also help with this if you need it. 

  • Finance
  • How do I cancel a subscription?

    You can cancel out of a subscription anytime, either using your account or contacting us at

  • What if I change my mind and want to move to a different plan?

    You can upgrade your subscription plan anytime yourself through the dashboard. You cannot downgrade your plan once selected.

  • What is the cancellations policy?

    We are confident that you will benefit listing your business with us, but should you change your mind up to 14 days after your purchase with any of our subscriptions we will refund your money in full. Full details can be found at our website in our Terms and Conditions (sect. 34).

  • When am I charged?

    You are charged at the point where you publish your business (or listing). After submission you will arrive at the payment method screen.

  • Why is there a charge to list with Waahelay?

    We charge a subscription fee for business listings for several reasons; these include assuring real back value to our users through clean and current data, maintaining our high end visual product, elevating our business subscribers to an elite online status, and offering real human support services in both Somali and English.

  • Getting Started
  • How do I register?

    To register as a Somali business user or service provider click on the link here and follow the instructions. Our support staff are always happy to help if you need it or complete the form at the end of this link

    Users do not need to register.

  • How do subscriptions work?

    Subscriptions are charged according to the plan that you have selected. For Monthly you are charged per calendar month. For both the Standard and Premier plans you will be charged annually. Contact for more information

  • How much does it cost?

    Waahelay has three plans; a Standard, Premier and a Monthly option. The costs are US$99 per year for the Standard, US$149 for the Premier and US$10 per month for the Monthly. More details can be found through this link.

  • What is a listing?

    A listing simply refers to a single business presence on

  • What is the difference between a user and a business user?

    Users access our service as consumers looking to buy Somali products or services. Somali business users advertise their products and services for users to view. Users do not need to register and use Waahelay for free. Business users register with us and pay a subscription fee.

  • Why use Waahelay when there is Google?

    Waahelay has a growing consumer user base of Somalis looking for Somali business, products or services using our app. Niche directories like Waahelay have a higher ratio of CTR and subsequent sales because the user/business relationship is more exacting. All the content you will find on Waahelay is 100% Somali business-related or relevant, cutting out noise.  If you Google a certain item you will find the description and how it looks etc. If you search the item on you will get the nearest Somali business where you can get it from.

    In addition, business directories push your listing URL to the top of a business name search on Google, making you even more visible to your online customers.


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