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20 January
Ilaasho hal abuurkaaga Hadii aad tahay qof hal abuur leh lakiin aad u baahan tahay talo sida aad hal abuurkaga ku ilaashan lahey. Halkaan ka daawo video gaaban oo aad ka heli kartid talo sida aad hal abuurkaaga ku ilaashan laheyd. Sawirka taabo si aad u daawatid videoga Read More
27 August

Can Waahelay be part of rebuilding Somalia?   At a glance the question seems daft or even bordering on ridiculous. After a war spanning over two decades how can a small business operating from London help reconstruct Somalia? Waahelay of course cannot achieve this single-handedly; but when we take a closer look at the ever-growing […]

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12 June

Welcome to Waahelay.com Waahelay is built on a foundation of trust and great working relationships with its customers Somali businesses are globally widespread. For example in Minnesota, USA  there are 24,000 businesses that generate $489 million annually. WHO WE ARE Waahelay.com was born in London when two experienced entrepreneurs got together and transformed a great […]

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