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Somali businesses and service providers sign up and showcase their business online to a niche Somali international user base and attract local or worldwide sales   

In English or Somali users search with keywords for Somali businesses, services and goods either local to them or globally  

Waahelay has a freemium business model where its majority users use the service for free, whilst business users listing pay a subscription fee to attract trade from user searches




You search our site for something Somali you are looking for –  either locally or globally from where you are located

You find a Somali business or service and contact them through our contact form or their advertised customer details – such as phone, web, email address or social media sites

If you want you can use our in-built Google API to find the route to their business or service if you want to travel there

You don’t need to register

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Users can locally find, contact and get directions to Somali businesses and services from their device




Somali business owners anywhere in the World can subscribe their business with us

You can be any Somali business or a service provider – such as doctor, dentist, driving instructor etc.

You can register fast with either a monthly or annual subscription under one of the three plans we offer:


Monthly US$ 10 per month

Standard US$ 99 per year

Premier US$ 149 per year 



We accept the following payment types

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Are you a Somali business reading this? Find how to make bigger sales faster!

Your business has never been promoted in this way before

You are directly visible to Somalis all around the world


With the average time of an entire day per week an individual spends on their phone, if you haven’t done so already there’s an incredible opportunity for you to strengthen the presence of your business online by selecting one of our listing plans
Somali businesses are globally widespread. In Minnesota, USA alone, there are 24,000 businesses that generate $489 million annually. Wherever you are, add your Somali business today and start increasing your sales


Q. Why register your business with Waahelay when there is Google?

Waahelay has a growing consumer user base of Somalis looking for Somali business, products or services using our app. Niche directories like Waahelay have a higher ratio of CTR and subsequent sales because the user/business relationship is more exacting. All the content you will find on Waahelay is 100% Somali business-related or relevant, cutting out noise.  If you Google a certain item you will find the description and how it looks etc. If you search the item on you will get the nearest Somali business where you can get it from.

In addition, business directories push your listing URL to the top of a business name search on Google, making you even more visible to your online customers.


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